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March 2012 : Events and reports

Summary : Look below the slideshow for the detailed report

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Protested hike in Property Tax

Lok Satta Party Vizianagaram protested against the arbitrary increase in property taxes from Rs.45 to Rs. 3700 to some houses and from Rs. 3000 to Rs.33,000 to some others. LSP Vice President Mr. Babji demanded the withdrawal of GOs 88,107 and 117.

Demanded transparent probe in liquor syndicates :

Lok Satta Party Vizianagaram demanded the Government to make the ACB report on liquor syndicates public. It alleged the political interference of ruling party in the investigation and demanded the government to answer the public about the various irregularities that took place in liquor auctions and take immediate action on the culprits.

Requested compensation to victims of Alamanda fire accident

Lok Satta Party Vizianagaram requested sanction of houses to those who lost their houses in Alamanda fire accident. They met Tehasildar Ms. Rajeswari in this regard.

Requested collector to extend the duration of crushing at Bheem Singh Sugar Factory :

Representatives of Lok Satta Vizianagaram met District Collector Mr. Veera Brahmaiah and requested him to extend the time for “crushing sugarcane” at Bheem Singh sugar factory. They took to the notice of collector that nearly 3,000 tonnes of sugarcane is still left with the farmers.


a) People of Burma Colony, Shringarao Kota got drinking water due to Lok Satta Vizianagaram. The party volunteers observed the lack of drinking water facility in the area during the household survey. They took up the issue to the notice of Panchayat officials and successfully solved the issue.

b) Mahila Satta, Vizianagaram demanded the strict implementation of bills related to “women protection” . On the eve of Womens Day they organized a programme in the Lok Satta Party office.

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January, February 2011 – Events and Reports

Summary Look below the slideshow for the detailed report

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Bauxite miningLok Satta Vizianagaram criticized the double speak of the ruling party regarding the bauxite mining. Mr. Botsa Satyanaranaya and minister Mr. Kishore Chandradev issued contradicting statements regarding the bauxite mining.

Protest against Land grabbing Lok Satta Vizianagaram staged a dharna and submitted a memorandum to incharge collector Shri Shobha regarding the illegal land grabbing in the city. They took various cases to her notice where the revenue officials and the real estate businessmen colluded and grabbed the land that was given to SC,STs etc

Protest against Liquor syndicatesLok Satta Vizianagaram organized a rally protesting the alcohol policy of the state government. It demanded that the relevant liquor syndicate case should be investigated by CBI and the list of various people involved in it should be released. It also added that the party would work for closing down the illegal belt shops in the villages with the help of local women.

Movement for LokPal and LokAyukta Lok Satta Vizianagaram released booklet “LokPal – ela sadhinchukundam” authored by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan and distributed copies of the book. The party State Vice President Mr. Babji appreciated the Supreme Court’s judgement of cancellation of 2G spectrum licenses of which LokSatta was one of the petitioners. The party demanded that LokAyukta at state level should be instituted on the lines of LokPal.

Farmers issues Lok Satta Vizianagaram met the collector and submitted a memorandum requesting the increase in Minimum Support price for the sugar cane farmers. It demanded that atleast Rs.1800 should be paid in first installment instead of Rs.1500 (which is being paid now). It took this issue to the notice of Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan who promised that he would raise this issue in the assembly. Also party demanded the lift of illegal ban on the exports of rice and organized programmes to mobilize public for the “Rayitu Satyagraha”

Protest against the increase in Property Tax Lok Satta Vizianagaram criticized the government’s move to increase the tax without  a prior notice. It observed that increasing the tax without providing the basic amenities is increasing tax resistance in public because they aren’t able to see the link between the taxes they pay and services they get. The party stressed the need for decentralization of power and district governments. It also took to the notice of various officials about irregularities in property tax collection.

Demanding action to curb the menace of pigs and dogs in the city Mahila Satta staged a dharna at Vizianagaram municipal office demanding the immediate action against the menace of street dogs and pigs. They took to the notice of the officials various problems people are facing due to the street dogs and pigs and about the health hazards.

Party Activities Lok Satta Vizianagaram organized training sessions to party workers in four municipalities in the wake of municipal elections. The party began a survey to know the various problems of people and to get closer to the public.

MiscellaneousLok Satta Vizianagaram

  • Congratulated the district collector M. Veera Bramhaiah for getting a national award for “best implementation of NREGS” in the district.
  • Demanded construction of a flyover bridge near Pedamanapuram highway for the convenience of the travellers.
  • Organized “Rangoli” competition to women on the eve of Sankranti festival and gave away prices to the winners.
  • Distributed fruits to patients in government hospitals on the birthday of Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan.
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November, December 2011 – Events and Reports

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Dec 2011 News Clippings

Various news paper articles about our work on
a) Our fight against Liquor
b) Fight for right price to Sugarcane
c) Fight against Corruption

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Lok Satta Bhesetti Babji on Botsa Satyanarayana and Gajapathi Raju

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Mr. Babji and his Team

Mr. Babji & Team

Mr. Babji and his ACT Team

Mr. Reddy Laxmunaidu

Mr. Reddy Laxmunaidu

Mr. Janakiram

Mr. Reddy Laxmunaidu and his team

Babji’s team on Anti Corruption Day
Mr. Badanna Ganguly Yadav
Mahila Satta Vizianagaram
Ms. Subhadra Devi
Mr. Yerri Babu

Mr. Bhaskar

Mr. Ramana

Mr. Raju

Ms. Anantha Lakshmi, Mahila Satta, Vizianagaram

Mr. Dayanand, Yuva Satta – Vizianagaram

Mr. Sivarama Rao – Office Manager of Lok Satta Vizianagaram
Mr. Koteswar Rao, Mr. Babji, Mr. Appalraju Mr. Bhisetti Babji
Mrs. Rayi Padmavati Mr. Teja
Mr. Babji with his core volunteers Mr. Raju
Mr. Raju
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